Housing for international students and researchers

Kitami Institute of Technology provides three housing options on campus for international students and researchers: University Apartment, International Residence and Student Dormitory. Some students choose to live off-campus in private apartments or lodgings.
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Immigration procedures

The following procedures have to be carried out at the Immigration Bureau of Japan.
As a general rule, submit the following documents to the International Center staff, who will submit all documents to the Kushiro Port Branch Office of Sapporo Regional Immigration Bureau once or twice monthly on students’ behalf. Please make sure to consult with the International Center staff early in advance.
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International Student Services

International lounge

Students gather at the international lounge for relaxation, conversation and information exchanges. Chinese and Malaysian TV programs can be watched via satellite, and internet access is available on the computers set up for the international students.


In general each international student entering KIT will be assigned a tutor. The tutor will support you in many ways to settle into your new environment – for example by helping with all sorts of necessary procedures and formalities as well as providing advice regarding your studies and daily life.

Japanese language program

Following classes are offered for the international students.More basic classes are also offered as needed.

Japanese I

(1) Technical terms and academic presentation
(2) Elementary Japanese 1
(3) Elementary Japanese 2

Japanese II

Comparative study of Japanese culture and history
For each international student, a Japanese student is assigned as a tutor. Tutors offer help and advice regarding study, language, and other aspects of life in Japan.

And, if you have any questions or problems during your stay in Kitami, please feel free to contact our staff at the International Center anytime.
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International “C” Hour

The International “C” Hour is a monthly event providing a place for cultural exchange between international students, Japanese students, faculty and staff as well as citizens of Kitami City. It aims to deepen understanding and promote friendship among the 60-80 participants. The event offers a variety of activities, such as introducing Japanese customs and traditions, students talking about their experiences studying or researching abroad, or playing games together while enjoying drinks and snacks.
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