Master’s Course in Civil and Environmental Engineering

Civil and Environmental Engineering is concerned with the planning, design and construction of public works to serve people. The course has five research groups: Structural Engineering・Construction Materials, Geotechnical Engineering・Underground Space Engineering, Mobility Management Engineering, Hydraulic Engineering・Environmental Engineering and Glaciology・Hydrate Engineering.

Discussion in seminar

Main Subjects

Synthetic Seminar in Civil and Environmental Engineering, Special Experiment and Research in Civil and Environmental Engineering, Advanced Vibration Analysis Advanced Structural Mechanics, Advanced Concrete Engineering, Advanced Soil Engineering, Advanced Disaster-Mitigation Geotechnology, Advanced Geotechnical Engineering, Advanced Rock Mechanics, Advanced Traffic Engineering, Advanced Urban Transport Planning and Policy, Advanced Hydraulics, Numerical Computation in Fluid Mechanics, Hydro-Morphologic Processes, River System Engineering and Management, , Advanced Environmental Engineering, Ice Physics, Advanced Glaciology, Advanced Environmental Earth Science, Fundamental of Crystal Growth, Advanced Environmental Science of Cold Regions.