Master’s Course in Computer Sciences

In order to bring up engineers with higher problem-solving ability, the advanced curriculum of the master’s course is provided around two interdisciplinary fields: “intelligent information network technology” and “environmentally adaptive intelligent robot technology”. The graduate course in Computer Science has six research fields: Information Fundamentals, Knowledge Information Engineering, Information Systems Engineering, Recognition and Learning, Media Information Network Engineering, and Computational Theory.

Research on robot informatics

Main Subjects

Advanced Seminar on Information Engineering 1, Advanced Seminar on Information Engineering 2, Study of Advanced Information Engineering 1, Study of Advanced Information engineering 2, Advanced Computer Control Theory, Advanced Knowledge Engineering, Advanced Parallel Processing, Advanced Digital Communication Engineering, Advanced Digital Signal Processing, Advanced Image Information, Advanced Course of Optical Information Processing, Information Recovery, Advanced Optical Instrumentation, Information Photonics, Mathematical Science for Information Theory), Applied Analysis, Computational Physics, Intelligent Signal Processing, Advanced Programming Language.

Research on e-learning system