Master’s Course in Materials Science and Engineering

The Graduate Course in Materials Science and Engineering conducts advanced programs to study designs, synthesis and characterizations for new materials. The course has the following majors: synthesis of organic materials, design and synthesis of inorganic and metallic materials, electronic materials processing, advanced materials for catalysts, instrumental analysis of materials and molecular functional chemistry.

Sputtering apparatus and vacuum
evaporation apparatus

Main Subjects

Integrated Practice in Materials Science and Engineering, Special Laboratory in Material Science, Advanced Design and Processing of Inorganic Materials, Advanced Functional Metals, Materials Chemistry of Ceramics, Advanced Solid State Electronics, Advanced Course on Physics of Electronic Materials, Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Advanced Polymer Chemistry, Materials for Solid Catalysts, Surface properties of Inorganic Materials, Thin Film and Interface for Advanced Materials, Analytical Chemistry for Materials Science and Engineering, Materials for Biosensor.

Instron tensile testing machine