The Master’s Program was established in 1984 with 4 divisions (Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Chemistry Environment Engineering and Civil Engineering). A course in Computer Science was started in 1994; a course in Materials Science in 1997.

The main aim of the Master’s Program is to educate researchers and engineers with up-to-date practical and advanced technical skills and creative global understanding in technology. At present, 20 to 30 students are allowed in each of the divisions per year.

Number of Students in the Master’s Program and Professors

Division Annual
Mechanical Engineering 22 Details
Civil and Environmental Engineering 20 Details
Electrical and Electronics Engineering 20 Details
Computer Science 16 Details
Biotechnology and Environmental Chemistry 18 Details
Materials Science and Engineering 16 Details
Total 112
Common Courses Details


The master’s program is composed of 6 divisions (Mechanical Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Computer Science, Biotechnology and Environmental Chemistry, Materials Science and Engineering).
For the master’s degree, usually 2 years’enrollment in the Graduate School of Engineering, Kitami Institute of Technology is required. This includes taking prescribed credits, the submission of the master’s thesis, and passing both the thesis screening and the final examination

Professors & Associate Professors