Advanced Materials Course Program

The development of materials and technologies useful for solving global environmental problems is one of the most important tasks faced by mankind. Students in this course program will learn about necessary fundamental and applied science and acquire knowledge and skills to develop environment-friendly synthetic processes including energy conservation and environmental preservation materials.


Environmental Materials Science I, II
Advanced Materials Engineering
Advanced Materials Engineering Experiments I, II
Materials Physics I, II
Inorganic Materials Science
Analytical Chemistry I
Organic Chemistry I
Physical Chemistry I
Practical English
Bachelor’s Thesis
Chemistry for Biomaterials
Separation Chemistry
Superconducting Engineering
Physics of Semiconductor Devices
Materials Surface Chemistry
Applied Physics
Process Engineering
Thin Film Materials Engineering
Polymer Materials
Metallic Materials
Optical Materials
Modern Ceramic Engineering
Structural Analysis of Inorganic Materials
Structural Analysis of Organic Compounds
Organic Synthesis
Polymer Synethesis
Introduction to Manufacturing Processes
Analytical Chemistry II
Organic Chemistry II, III
Physical Chemistry II
Seminar in Materials Science
English for Science and Technology
Topics in Materials Science I, II


General Advanced Materials Engineering I

In this course students will learn about cutting edge knowledge and future issues of key items (energy saving materials, environmental analysis, environmental catalysts, solar cells, etc.) that are being researched and developed as scientific technologies indispensable for solving global environmental problems.

Oxidized (transparent) state

Oxidized (transparent) state

Reduced (colored) state

Reduced (colored) state

Advanced Materials Engineering

In this course students can learn about the forefront of research on synthetic processes for nanotechnology, nanomaterials and eco materials and their characteristic properties that open up the future.