Civil Infrastructure Course Program

The civil infrastructure course program aims at the training of professional engineers who can engage in the design, construction, maintenance and management of the social infrastructure that creates the region’s future such as “lifeline systems in cold regions”, “advanced information and communications society”, “infrastructure equipment for the region” targeting a decreasing birthrate and aging society.


Regional and City Planning
Fundamental Signal Processing
Force and Deformation in Structural Mechanics
Construction Materials in Cold Regions
Exercise in Computer Aided Drawing for Civil Infrastructures
Cold Regions Soil Mechanics I
Introduction to Hydraulics
Traffic Infrastructure Engineering
Practical English
Geospatial Surveying Practice
Experiments on Civil Infrastructure Engineering I, II
Integrated Study in Okhotsk region I, II
Hydraulic Engineering
Cold Regions Soil Mechanics II
Force and Energy Principles in Structural Mechanics
Reinforced Concrete Structure
Digital Communication Engineering
GIS Practice for Civil Infrastructure
Mathematical Methods for Planning
Highway Environmental Engineering
Water Environmental Engineering
Remote Sensing
Numerical Calculation
Ice Covered Sea Engineering
Project Evaluation Engineering
Prestressed Concrete and Hybrid Structure
Structural Analysis
Construction Technology
Snow and Ice Disaster Prevention Engineering
River Engineering
Harbor Engineering
Water and Wastewater Treatment Engineering
Bridge Design and Drafting
Integrated Study of Career Advance
Explosives Engineering
Infrastructure Management
Applied Ecological Engineering
Bachelor’s Thesis


Integrated Study in Okhotsk region I, II

In this course students will learn to identify problems of the Okhotsk region through lectures held by guest lecturers, surveys conducted by the students themselves, brainstorming, etc. Working in teams, they will find effective solutions.

Okhotsk region

Construction Technology

In addition to acquiring basic knowledge of the design and construction of soil structures important as the foundation for social infrastructure, students will learn about construction management methods using ICT in construction technology (information-aided construction) etc.

Construction Technology