Department of Computer Science

Laying the groundwork for an advanced information-oriented society with a view to sociality

Distinctive features of the Department of Computer Science are the implementation of programming education using very practical Java language before other universities, as well as emphasis on teaching principles and basics of software and hardware.At the same time, the Department provides training of practical programming and manufacturing skills through seminars and experiments, mathematics subjects in order to acquire basic skills as well as a wide variety of applied subjects such as optics and images, media, communication, control and more to broaden the horizon of students. The Department aims to develop talented persons with extensive knowledge able to take an active role in today’s society also after graduation.

Intelligent System Design Course

In this course students learn how to model human intelligence and sensitivity (“kansei”), how to implement this on computer and in the real world in form of, for example, robots, as well as how to adequately control the interaction between humans and artificial objects.

Information Media Course

In this course students learn the fundamentals of processing and transmitting “signals”, the most basic information medium, and acquire knowledge on how to develop systems utilizing various media, such as optics, speech or images, or infrastructures.