School of Earth, Energy and Environmental Engineering

Course Programs:

Today global environmental problems are indispensable tasks to be addressed in various industrial fields in human society. Being able to deal with such tasks requires the training of engineers who can act on their own initiative. The traditional vertical division in educational research organizations in each specialized field makes it difficult to adequately deal with the tasks and solve issues related to the global environment. At this school the three fields of energy, environment protection and disaster prevention, and advanced materials are combined to promote characteristic research from a new angle which is globally applicable through comprehensive efforts of cooperating faculty members in these fields. In addition, by teaching students to acquire knowledge, skills and technology that can contribute to solving global environmental problems from various aspects centered on the above three fields, the school aims to train students who can independently discover the process from “excavation” to “solution” of the tasks and who can solve not only national issues, but also global issues in the fields of energy, resources, global environment etc.