Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Electrical engineering technologies are needed to support our modern society and play an important role in advanced technologies to enrich future society. After the students have first finished studying the fundamentals of electrical engineering, the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering next provides two courses with the purpose of the nurturing of experts in the field of electrical and electronic engineering. In our department, students can obtain the opportunity to acquire expertise and also gain a broad knowledge about the entire field of electrical engineering.

Electrical System Course

In today’s society, the stable supply of electricity is absolutely essential. In this course, students can systematically learn the fundamentals and acquire expertise starting from topics such as power generation including solar batteries and wind force, “electrical system technologies for power supply” for individual homes or business companies as well as “automation technology for production facilities” to achieve labor saving. Students can also obtain an electric chief engineer license.

Electronics and ICT Course

In this course, students learn basic technologies of ICT (information and communication) technologies on how to transmit information, such as high speed information processing, antennas, optical transmission lines or LSIs. Furthermore, the course also provides the basics about electronics to be able to implement these technologies.