Information Design and Communication Course Program

This course program cultivates engineers in information and communications technology (ICT) with emphasis on the principles and basics of software and hardware. Students will use Java programming language to improve their practical programming skills, and also acquire skills to accumulate and communicate information.


Java Programming I
Java Programming II
Data Structures and Algorithms
Software-design Engineering
Discrete Mathematics
Introduction to Computers
Computer Architecture
Artificial Intelligence I
Artificial Intelligence II
Decision Theory
System Control Theory
Robot Infomatics
Fundamental Signal Processing
Digital Signal Processing
Logic Circuits
Probability and Mathematical Statistics
Fundamentals of Electrical Circuit Theory
Design of LSI and Electronic Circuits
Circuit Theory
Electronic Measurement
Optical Information Processing I
Optical Information Processing II
Speech Information Processing
Image Processing and Recognition

Mathematics for Information and Telecommunications
Basic Telecommunication Engineering
Information Network
Electromagnetic Wave Engineering
Radio Transmission Engineering
Wireless Communication Engineering
Advanced Optical Communication Technology
Japanese Radio Laws
Fourier Analysis
Mathematics Seminar I
Mathematics Seminar II
Mathematics Seminar III
Mathematical Cryptography
Practical English
Practical Engineering I
Practical Engineering II
Practical Engineering III
Tourism Management Engineering I
Information Design and Communication Engineering I
Information Design and Communication Engineering II
Experiments of Information Design and Communication Engineering I
Experiments of Information Design and Communication Engineering II
Topics in Information Design and Communication
Bachelor’s Thesis


Java Programming I-II, Software-design Engineering

Students will acquire skills starting with the fundamentals of object-oriented programming using the Java language to practical programming techniques such as GUI and game creation.

Java Programming

Wireless Communication Engineering

Students will learn a wide range from the fundamentals to the application of wireless communication technology indispensable for the IoT era represented by smartphones, tablets etc. They will be able to play an active role in the information and communication industry in the future.

Wireless Communication Engineering