Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Developing high-value materials with focus on functionality

Materials (i.e. materials of industrial products) are the foundation sustaining the manufacturing industry. Without progress in materials science and material improvements, there will be no industrial development. Our department aims to nurture open-minded materials engineers as new industry leaders through broad education and research of materials engineering starting from basic materials, such as metals, ceramics, polymers or organic materials, to high-performance materials, such as semiconductors, electronic materials, biomaterials or catalyst materials.

Eco-Materials Course

With the purpose of preventing environmental destruction, a problem which became more serious recently, students in this course learn about materials that can be produced, used, recycled or discarded with low environmental impact, materials that can be produced with less energy or under clean conditions, or eco materials that purify the environment.


Nano-Materials Course

Nanotechnology techniques, such as structure and morphology control of the order of nanometer (10-9m) or micro-machining are indispensable for the high performance of information and communication equipment, catalysts, polymeric materials, or expression of new functions. Therefore this course teaches about nanomaterials aiming at high performance of existing functions or expression of new functions.