Department of Mechanical Engineering

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Accomplishing creativity based “manufacturing”

It’s through manufacturing that mankind and science, while respecting the natural environment, build a society in which mutual understanding, support, cooperation and harmony coexist. Based on this fundamental principle, the Department of Mechanical Engineering aims at nurturing engineers who can “manufacture” demonstrating their own creativity. Hence, we set learning objectives for the students to acquire basic knowledge of mechanical engineering and its applications.

Mechanical Science Course

In this course students will start with the basics and the key field of mechanical engineering, i.e. dynamics, before learning about the relation between energy and environment as well as energy utilization technology. Later they will cover the required fields of current mechanical engineering such as heat engine engineering or aerodynamics and aeronautics as well as other related academic disciplines.


Mechanical Intelligence and Bionics Course

In this course students will learn about the subjects of robotics and bionics that utilize information and network technology of new fields of mechanical engineering.