The 2-school-system to increase your future options!

Nurturing people who combine both, expertise and broad perspectives

KIT offers a novel curriculum through cross-disciplinary engineering, with combined expertise and a wider degree of freedom of choice by going beyond conventional school division and attempting the link between related specialized fields. In this way a customized study program based on multifaceted ideas is possible and engineers combining a high level of fundamental knowledge, broad perspectives and expertise at the same time will be trained.

  • A heterogeneous mix of students of different specialized fields in each school and course
  • Lectures fusing various areas for students of different specialized fields
  • Fieldwork-based lectures to promote independent learning
  • Active learning to train communication skills

School of Earth, Energy and Environmental Engineering

Solving not only national problems, but also global problems, in the fields of energy, global environment etc., and contributing to the region based on results found.

School of Regional Innovation and Social Design Engineering

Supporting regional industrial development, solving regional problems, presenting and expanding the results globally as a technical university located in the primary sector region in Hokkaido.

Number of Students

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