Regional Management Engineering Course Program

Students graduating from this course program will earn a “Bachelor of Engineering” degree from the respective school.

Focusing on the field of engineering, students will learn about issues typical in the Okhotsk region, issues that local regions largely have in common, as well as wide aspects of management. Through active learning students will be encouraged to become proactive and will learn how to play an active role in regional development.



Regional Management Engineering I
Theory of Okhotsk Industry
Introduction to Industry-University Cooperation
Practical English
Regional Management Engineering II
Theory of Venture Business
Business Administration
Engineering with Regional Support
Tourism Management Engineering I
Introduction to Finance
Special Lectures on Business Administration
Science, Technology and Society
Theory of Marketing
Corporate Identity
Theory of Intellectual Property
Introduction of Presentation / Outreach
Tourism Management Engineering II
Curling Support Engineering
Graduation Project on Regional Management Engineering



Theory of Okhotsk Industry

This class focusses on the Okhotsk region and students will learn about the region’s history, culture and industries that have been cultivated. They will further learn and discuss about emergence, decline and promotion of local industries.

Theory of Venture Business

In this class students will learn about the spirit of entrepreneurship, the real workplace as well as the essence and mechanism of innovations from managers of venture businesses active globally and locally. Students will also have the opportunity to discuss their own possibilities to start a business.