Faculty Interview

Fumiko UchijimaProfessor

◎Profile: Completed a doctoral program, majoring in materials engineering, at the Graduate School of Engineering, Kitami Institute of Technology. Research interests include enhancement of the presence of universities through Industry- Academia-Government Collaboration by such measures as evaluation of university functions, improvement in public relations, and fostering and establishing suitability at universities.

Be an engineer who can think,
judge and make proposals,
while taking on challenges through teamwork.

Students may naturally find it difficult to shine only with technological abilities when aspiring to do well professionally in regional cities and prefectures or major enterprises after graduating from universities. They also need to be able to manage. In this course, students learn about and develop professional engineering expertise and management abilities. Students are encouraged to be able to demonstrate their abilities to the full extent, not in engineering knowledge alone.

Acquire basic skills to contribute as an engineer

Professional Engineering Skills

● Research skills to develop new technologies
● Design and production skills to implement newly developed technologies

Combination of both skills

Develop leadership skills through leveraging technology

Management Skills

● Management skills to start and manage an organization
● Innovation skills to pose and solve problems
● Discussion and presentation skills


  • Regional Management Engineering I
  • Theory of Okhotsk Industry
  • Introduction to Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration
  • Practical English
  • Regional Management Engineering II
  • Theory of Venture Business
  • Business Administration
  • Engineering with Regional Support
  • Tourism Management Engineering I
  • Introduction to Finance
  • Special Lectures on Business Administration
  • Science, Technology and Society
  • Theory of Marketing
  • Corporate Identity
  • Theory of Intellectual Property
  • Introduction of Presentation / Outreach
  • Tourism Management Engineering II
  • Curling Support Engineering
  • Graduation Project on Regional
  • Management Engineering

*The description refers to the 2020 academic year curriculum and is thus subject to change.


  • Business Administration

    It is not unusual for engineering school graduates to work in positions that involve running a business and managing employees.
    Students learn basic knowledge about and develop skills in corporate management and business administration.

    Introduction to Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration

    Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration is actively promoted as an initiative toward the betterment of society.
    Such collaboration involves a wide variety of activities among industry, academic organizations and local and/or national governments. Students learn about the fundamentals and basic knowledge of such cooperation.