School of Regional
Innovation and Social
Design Engineering

With climate change progressing and the social structure and situation changing drastically,
KIT, as the only technical university located in the Okhotsk region of Hokkaido,
a region which depends strongly on the primary industries, the school aims to challenge
and solve regional problems from an engineering point of view choosing
the Okhotsk region as the model area.
The school actively works to achieve results, utilize the results for regional revitalization,
and cultivate skills to create a future design of an attractive region providing
“safety and security”
and to be able to expand this globally.
The school reflects these characteristic efforts in its educational setting and concretely
shows students the process from “excavation” to “solution” of the problems.
The school strives to train students who think independently with a sense of purpose
and who apply their skills. Students graduating from the school will have learned various
problem solving processes and acquired skills to not only play an active role
in the Okhotsk region
or Hokkaido, but also throughout Japan and the world.