International students can enter KIT as regular full-time international students or short-term exchange students (limited to partner institutions).

1) Undergraduate entry requirements for international students
  • ・The applicant is a non-Japanese citizen.
  • ・The applicant has taken the examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU) in “Japanese as a foreign language”, “Mathematics (Course 2)”, “Science (Physics)” and “Science (Chemistry)”.
  • ・The applicant has completed a 12-year curriculum in an education institution based on a foreign countryʼs education system.
2) Graduate entry requirements for international students
  • ・The applicant is a non-Japanese citizen.
  • ・The applicant has successfully obtained a degree equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree for entering the Master’s course or a degree equivalent to a Master’s degree for entering the Doctoral program.
    Persons who would like to apply for graduate school should first find a suitable laboratory and arrange for a KIT faculty member to serve as an academic advisor. Applicants are required to contact potential academic advisors directly to obtain information about application procedures.
3) Short-term student exchange program
  • The short-term student exchange program is a program through which international students enrolled at KIT’s partner institutions are given the opportunity to study in Japan for six to twelve months. The exchange program runs from early April to March of the following year, and students are offered a choice of two admission periods: early October or early April. Application deadlines are as follows : late April for admission in early October, or late November for admission in early April.

Program Contents

1) Japanese Language Program (for full-time international students and short-term exchange students) Following classes are offered for international students to improve their Japanese language skills.
  • ・Japanese
    ・Topics on Japan
    ・Japanese Media
2) Japan Intercultural Studies (in English and Japanese) (for full-time international students and short-term exchange students)
3) A wide range of courses in the student’s major field of study
(in Japanese, partly in English)
4) Short-term exchange students are free to design their owncurriculum,balancing their interest in Japanese language and Japan intercultural studies with their desire to pursue their‘major’. They are eligible to register for any course offered to degree-seeking students at KIT.


In general each international student entering KIT will be assigned a tutor. The tutor will support new students in many ways to settle into their new environment, for example by helping with all sorts of necessary procedures and formalities as well as providing advice regarding studies and daily life.

Housing for international students and researchers

KIT provides two housing options on campus for international students and researchers: International Residence and Student Dormitory. Some students choose to live off-campus in private apartments or lodgings.

International Residence

  • ・1 couple room for married couples and 2 family rooms available
  • ・Room rental rate (per room) : 9,500 JPY/month (couple), 14,200 JPY/month (family)

Student Dormitory

  • ・20 single rooms available for international students
  • *Full-time international students and Japanese students are treated equally.
  • ・Room rental rate (per room) : 12,900 JPY/month
  • ・Entrance(utilitycost) : 60,000 JPY

Financial Information

1. University Fees (for full-time international students)*
Fees are accurate at the time of printing, but subject to change without notice.
・Entrance fee : 282,000 JPY
・Tuition fee : 535,800 JPY
*The payment of tuition fees shall be waived for students enrolled in partner institutions with which KIT has concluded tuition waiver agreements.
2. University Fees (for research students)
Fees are accurate at the time of printing, but subject to change without notice.
・Examination fee : 9,800 JPY
・Entrance fee : 84,600 JPY
・Tuition fee : 29,700 JPY month
3. Living Expenses
Monthly Average Total Expenses : 70,000 JPY
The above is an estimation of the monthly expenditure of a reasonably thrifty student at KIT. Expenses will vary according to personal lifestyle.
Monthly rent : 12,900 JPY
Entrance(utilitycost): 60,000 JPY
Monthly rent : from 25,000 JPY
+ utility cost from 10,000 JPY/month
Around 50,000 JPY/month
4. Contact information for further information and enquiries
International Center, Kitami Institute of Technology
165 Koen-cho, Kitami-shi, Hokkaido 090-8507 Japan
Tel:(+81)(0) 157-26-9370
Fax:(+81)(0) 157-26-9373