Many international students of KIT receive scholarship from different type of programs as below.
Tuition waivers are also available for students with outstanding academic

List of Major Scholarships and Benefits
(For Privately Financed International Students)

Name Stipends(JPY) Number of
per year

1 KIT Scholarship for Privately
International Students

Students who learn at KIT for:
・more than 3
・maximum amount to be paid is
*This scholarship will be given
only one time.
・Privately financed international

2 KIT Scholarship for
Doctor Course Students

maximum 30,000JPY/month ・Doctoral students
(Excluding working people)

3 KIT Scholarship for
Master Course Students

maximum 40,000JPY/month ・Master’s students
(Work in Kitami City for at least
3 years after completing
graduate school)

4 KIT Benefits for Doctor Course

Free of total or half tuition fee ・Doctoral students

5 KIT Benefits for Master Course
Student who make promise
to go to Doctor Course

Free of total tuition fee ・Master’s students

6 Kitami City Foreign Student
Support Fund

200,000JPY/year ・15 students ・Regular students

After enrollment, please check at guidance, bulletin board, Campus Square, etc., and follow the procedures.
In addition to the above scholarships, there are also scholarships offered by private business organizations.
Eligible students will be notified by International Center.