Faculty Interview

Tomoya OhnoProfessor

◎Profile: Graduated from the Graduate School of Science and Technology at Shizuoka University, majoring in Materials Science. Primary research interests include ceramic materials, powder technology and rechargeable batteries.

No challenge, no success.
Take the first step forward,
believing in eventual success.

In the Advanced Materials Course Program, students acquire knowledge necessary for designing, generating and analyzing materials, which are the most basic element of excellent equipment and machinery indispensable for today’s convenient lifestyle and for providing an environment for a stable supply of large amounts of energy. There are still uncharted territories in materials development. One characteristic of this course is learning how to approach unresolved questions. Many students who have taken this course have secured jobs in the automobile, electronic machinery and other manufacturing sectors after graduation, supporting the development of Japan’s key industries. Faculty members work closely with students, who are encouraged to seek assistance and guidance from their professors. Tackling advanced research matters in an easygoing atmosphere is ideal. Make your time at KIT one of the most enjoyable periods of your life.


  • Environmental Materials Science I, II
  • Advanced Materials Engineering
  • Advanced Materials Engineering
  • Experiments I, II
  • Materials Physics I, II
  • Inorganic Materials Science
  • Analytical Chemistry I
  • Organic Chemistry I
  • Physical Chemistry I
  • Practical English
  • Bachelor’s Thesis
  • Chemistry for Biomaterials
  • Separation Chemistry
  • Superconducting Engineering
  • Physics of Semiconductor Devices
  • Materials Surface Chemistry
  • Applied Physics
  • Process Engineering
  • Thin Film Materials Engineering
  • Polymer Materials
  • Metallic Materials
  • Optical Materials
  • Modern Ceramic Engineering
  • Structural Analysis of Inorganic Materials
  • Structural Analysis of Organic Compounds
  • Organic Synthesis
  • Polymer Synthesis
  • Introduction to Manufacturing Processes
  • Analytical Chemistry II
  • Organic Chemistry II, III
  • Physical Chemistry II
  • Seminar in Materials Science
  • Seminar
  • English for Science and Technology
  • Topics in Materials Science I, II

*The description refers to the 2020 academic year curriculum and is thus subject to change.


  • Environmental

    Material Science 1

    In this course, students learn about the latest knowledge and challenges in key areas (energy-saving materials, environmental analyses, environmental catalysis and solar cells, etc.) subject to research and development as essential science and technology to solve problems related to the earth environment.

  • Advanced Materials Engineering

    Students gain knowledge about the research frontier of nanotechnology, which holds promise of a better future for humans, in addition to synthesis processes and properties of nanomaterials and eco-friendly materials.