1. Japanese government (Monbukagakusho) scholarship

1) Undergraduate students

The duration of this scholarship is 5 years including Japanese language training period. After graduation, some students may advance to graduate school obtaining a graduate student scholarship. Contact the local Japanese embassy for more information.

2) Graduate school students

  1. Master’s program
  2. Those who have graduated from a university with a 4-year college degree or higher qualifications in countries other than Japan may apply for this scholarship. The duration of the scholarship is 1.5 years (extendable) including Japanese language training period.

  3. Doctoral program
  4. Those who have been accepted in a doctoral program may apply for this scholarship. The duration of the scholarship is 1.5 years (extendable).

    Application for the above scholarships is accepted through the embassy of Japan or through KIT. When applying through KIT, contact the professor with whom you expect to study.

3) Privately financed international students at KIT

Targeted under this category are privately-financed fulltime international students currently enrolled at KIT. Qualified are third-year undergraduates expected to advance to fourth-year, fourth-year students expected to advance to a master’s program, or master’s or doctoral students expected to remain in the program for one year or longer. All must keep the regular student status.

For application, submit the following documents: official application form (available at the International Center), a written pledge, a health certificate, a diploma, a student registration (enrollment) certificate, an academic transcript, photographs, and a copy of the Alien Registration Certificate. The application period is December through January, and the scholarship starts in the following April.

Monbukagakusho Scholarships

Student Age Allowance(Yen) Duration
Research/Graduate Under 35 152,000 per month 1.5 years (Extension Possible)
Undergraduate   125,000 per month 5 years

(Japanese yen)

When applying for (3) above, you are advised to write to the professor you expect to study with or to the International Section of the Research Cooperation Division at the following

Kitami Institute of Technology
165 Koencho, Kitami 090-8507
Hokkaido, Japan
Tel: +81-157-26-9370
Fax: +81-157-26-9373

2. Scholarships of overseas governments

The Japanese government encourages Japanese universities to accept international students funded by the governments of their home countries. Currently students from Malaysia and Saudi Arabia are admitted under this system.

3. Other Scholarships

Other scholarships that are regularly granted to the international students at KIT includes:

  1. Honors Scholarships for privately-financed international students by Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO)
  2. JASSO provides scholarships for privately financed international students with excellent academic records who needs financial support. Application for this scholarship will be accepted through KIT.

    Student Monthly allowance Duration
    Research & Graduate 65,000 yen 1 year
    Undergraduate 48,000 yen 1 year
  3. Scholarships for short-term exchange students (JASSO)
  4. Students from the universities that have exchange programs with KIT can apply for this scholarship. The scholarship includes monthly stipend (80,000 yen per month). Application has to be made at the students’ university in their home countries.

  5. Scholarships by local governments
  6. Scholarship by Hokkaido government and Kitami City

    Government Allowance Duration Number of grantees
    Hokkaido 22,500 yen per month 1 year 2Graduate
    Kitami 200,000 yen per year 1 year 15

    by private foundations

  7. Scholarships by private foundations
  8. 1) Scholarship by Rotary International

    Undergraduate (Junior & Senior only) 100,000 yen per month
    Graduate 140,000 yen per month

    2) Scholarship by Nakajima Foundation

    Undergraduate (Junior & Senior) 100,000 yen per month
    Graduate 120,000 yen per month

    There are numerous other scholarships offered by private foundations in Japan. For information, visit (Japan Student Services Organization).

  9. Scholarships by Kitami Institute of Technology
  10. This scholarship is for the international students who have already enrolled at Kitami Institute of Technology and do not receive financial support of more than 50,000 yen per month from other organizations. The amount varies depending on the financial situation of the students. Students who wish to apply for this scholarship have to fill in the application form and submit it along with a recommendation letter of their supervisor to the chair of their department.

    Research, Undergraduate & Graduate (Master's) Up to 120,000 yen per year
    Graduate (Doctoral) Up to  30,000 yen per month

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